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DIY E-Liquid Recipe Mixing Calculator With Ten Flavors

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E-Liquid Recipe Name
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Enter Flavors and Amounts
IngredientAmountNicotineDrops per ml
Base Nicotine E-LiquidmgBase
Amount To MakemlPG/VG
Cost Calculator
Purchase Price & ml
Base Nicotine E-Liquid$ - ml
PG/VG$ - ml
Water/Vodka/PGA$ - ml
Flavor 1$ - ml
Flavor 2$ - ml
Flavor 3$ - ml
Flavor 4$ - ml
Flavor 5$ - ml
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Resulting Recipe
36mg Nicotine E-Liquid5 ml100 drops50 %
Set to 20 drops per ml
Supplies 18mg Nicotine per ml to Recipe
PG/VG4 ml80 drops40 %
Set to 20 drops per ml
Flavor 11 ml20 drops10 %
Set to 20 drops per ml
Totals10 ml200 drops100 %
18 mg Nicotine per ml
Resulting Cost
Nicotine E-Liquid$ 1.458



PG/VG$ 0.150


Flavor 1$ 1.192


Cost per ml$ 0.280
Total Cost$ 2.800

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